Monday, March 10, 2014


Turkey in the 1960s and 1970s Through the Reports of American Diplomats, lİBRA kİTAPÇILIK, 2010, Rıfat N. Bali

Kitapta Turkiye'de gorev yapmis cesitli duzeylerdeki Amerikali diplomatlarin ulkedeki gozlemlerini iceren raporlar yayinlanmis. Dikkat cekici bolumlerden biiri Turk toplumundaki manevi buhran.

May 20, 1963.tarihli mektupta gecen bazi ifadeler.

" The citizen has two conventional sources of philosophy, Islam and Ataturkism.Neither of these is adequate for his questions about fundemental values;neither fully answers the needs of the modern spirit. islam in Turkey today tends to be reactionary and Ataturkism is limited and susceptible to appropriation by other philosophies." 54

"Neither the growing numberreligious muslims immigrating to Istanbul in recent years , nor the innovation of  Menderes  regime,such as the Imam Hatip Schools,has been sufficent to alter the situation.
However the broad mass of citizens remains religious. Attendance at mosques has increased remarkably since the low point after the Rev. of May 27." (55)

"But while Islam is still the basic spritual and philosophical consolution of the broad mass of the lower strata of Istanbul's population,Islam's appeal to the middle class, particularly to proffessional and intellectual groups is limited." 56

"Nevertheless the May 27 Rev. was seen in Istanbul as an attempt to return to Ataturk. evidence produced in the local press shows that with the possible exception of Turkes group the May 27 revolutionaries had few ideas of their own and most trusted in Ataturk to see them through." 57


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